Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend deliciousness

Saturday I had a reasonably good day at work; no crazy cases and I left relatively on time. It was a beautiful day, so when the kids woke up after I got home, we walked to a nearby elementary school with a playground. E watched from the stroller while M, H and I ran all around and climbed on things and chased each other. :) I was a monster trying to eat H, and he loved it. Didn't bring my phone, so no pics! It was a very nice evening. I think M and I stayed up too late after the kids went to bed, though. We were having so much fun with the kids that we also put them to bed late, too. They've been playing a lot with H's little Ikea circus tent recently, crawling in and out of it and playing peek-a-boo with the door flaps. They both giggle and it's so adorable, it's really hard to stop them when they're having fun together.

Sunday morning we got up early (oh, it was hard to get up! Saturday morning I'd fed and walked the dogs before leaving for work, so M got to sleep in until 7:30. Sunday morning he returned the favor by getting up with the kids, but even with the extra little bit of sleep I was still SO. TIRED.) and threw clothes on everyone, then hit the road for brunch! There's a restaurant in the city that we LOVE for brunch, and we hadn't been there in months. It gets really crowded if you don't get there early (they open at 8), and E usually takes a nap around 9 or 9:30, so we wanted to get there right when they opened.

We've been going there since H was a tiny little baby (possibly before? It's so hard to accurately remember the BC era that I'm not sure), and it's so much fun to look at pictures of how SMALL he was, and how BIG he looks now! He's so grown up!

And this is H and E, at around the same ages:

Don't they look like twins?!?!? I always think that E looks so much different than H did at the same age, but when I compare pictures, they're very similar.

And the two of them hanging out and chowing down together:

We had creme brulee French toast (my favorite ever. We usually try the French toast on the specials menu, but this one is the best so far), fried chicken and waffle Benedict, and sweet potato fries (mostly for the kids to munch on). And good coffee (they brew La Colombe, which I love), and fresh-squeezed OJ for H. We stuffed ourselves silly! I haven't been that full in a very long time.

E fell asleep briefly on the way home, but luckily only about 10 minutes away, so she woke up when we parked and then still took a normal nap once we got home. She did think about taking a little snooze on M's shoulder on the way inside, though.

While the kids took their afternoon nap, I went running! It was so nice. :) Because I worked long days the week before last, I never worked out, and then this past week I just . . . . . didn't feel like it, I guess. So it felt great to move around again. The weather was beautiful, too. After running, I read an ACVIM consensus paper on proteinuria (exciting, my weekend is!) then dyed my gray roots (blech) and showered. 

When the kids woke up, we headed out again to another playground! We're very lucky that there are 4 decent playgrounds within reasonable walking distance (2 are only about a 10 minute walk), so that's pretty much always an option for something to do when the weather is okay. H and M ran all around and climbed on things, and I sat on the wood chips and pushed E in the swing. H doesn't like swings (???) but E seems to, so far.

For dinner I made that ridiculously easy "chili" (can of black beans, can of diced tomatoes, half a packet of taco seasoning) and added half a bag of frozen corn. We ate it with Fritos; H decided he didn't want the corn and spent half the meal painstakingly extracting every single kernel from his bowl using his little spoon. Then of course he just wanted to eat Fritos, and although I don't want to turn mealtimes into battles, and I don't want him to think that eating healthy food is a "chore" you have to do to get to the "good" part (dessert), I also don't want him to eat nothing but corn chips for dinner! So we had to cut him off after his second helping of Fritos, and he eventually ate his (now corn-free) chili.

Then it was time for baths and bedtime, far too soon! I do wish weekends were 3 days long.

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