Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello, world

I started a blog when I started vet school, way back in 2008. I just went back to read the first few months of archives, when I was double-checking the date, and it's pretty hilarious how much I bitched about grades. :) :) :) What a dork. :) :) :)

I started another blog when MM and I started trying to have a baby back in 2010. That one was private, and after H was born, I started using it as kind of a digital baby book.

Both blogs have kept going (sporadically), but I've gotten tired of having to log out of one blog and into the other when I want to comment on blogs that I follow, and maintaining them both is getting to seem kind of like work, so I'm starting this one to combine them both. I want to be able to post photos without worrying about a coworker identifying me (not that there's anything particularly confidential on either blog, but one is personal and the other one is so astoundingly full of grade-obsessed nitwittery that I'd be mortified if anyone I work with nowadays read the archives), so here we are.