Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summer bucket list

We're on a strict budget this summer, due to house expenses, under-withholding for taxes resulting in a large tax bill, having to re-file last year's taxes because of an error, and the fact that one of our vehicles (the one we need to keep, since it fits both car seats) is leaking oil. I say that we're implementing summer austerity measures. :) Basically it means (#firstworldproblems!!!) that we have $800 a month to live on once all of our bills are paid and retirement savings (less than our target, but enough that I can sleep at night) have come out. So that's our grocery, gas, entertainment, clothing, child gear (diapers, etc) budget. Obviously that's a comfortable amount for necessities, but doesn't allow for things like, say, vacations. So I want to plan things that we'll enjoy, without spending a lot of money!

- 3 day trips to the beach! We live 90 minutes away, and some years we don't even go once.
- Overnight trip to Sesame Place. H is just the right age to LOVE it, and I think E will like it too.
- Family party. Already scheduled for Fathers' Day.
- Visit at least 1 playground every week.

MM & I:
- 3 dates! We already have one planned for the end of June - we're going to spend the day in the city, walking around and eating EVERYTHING. There are so many places I want to try, and it's not worth trying with the kids, most of the time. Also, our last date was . . . . . . . . in December? I think? And the one before that was last June, so we're due.
-Use our fire pit

- Work out 3 times a week. I currently do one YMCA workout (usually stationary bike, since I can read or watch Downton Abbey at the same time) and go running once a week. I'd like to add a third workout; either another YMCA day (I'd love to get back into swimming more regularly), bikram yoga, Barre, or TRX.